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Is your leather furniture starting to look dull, tired and filthy?

 Are they being less comfortable due to the everyday wear and tear?

 Leather furniture requires specific methods of care because with time, it loses its moisture and can become dry and start to crack.

 Leather cleaning is a specialized process that requires not only experience, but the right equipment, cleaning products and finishing!

Trinity Clean has a comprehensive cleaning and restoration process for leather upholstery which is safe, non toxic, power green that will rejuvenate and extend the life of your favorite piece of furniture.

 Our professional leather cleaning will remove stains, ground-in soil, and dust, as well as restore the protective coating of the leather.

Our professional leather cleaning process begins with:

  • Determine the type of leather. This will help us to determine the type of cleaning process that should be used.
  • A leather cleanser is applied delicately and respectfully by hand to remove any stains, ground-in soil, and dust.
  • When the leather has been fully cleaned, a professional leather conditioner is applied to further restore the lost of moisture making it soft and look new again.
  • Lastly, a premium leather protectant is used to make sure your furniture is protected as long as possible.


Enjoy your new leather furniture which not only will look immaculate but also will feel soft and comfortable again!