Premium Deep Cleaning, Disinfecting, Bio-Fogging Services

What is Our Premium Bio-Fogging Services?

 We use a fogger to spray highly effective cleaner to all the surfaces. The solutions are spread in the form of very tiny droplets which will penetrate even the tiniest cracks and openings. And since it is a mist of droplets, we can use it on electrical equipment-keyboards, monitors, etc. Disclaimer: all electrical equipment must be switched off, all fire alarms too.

The property has to be vacated before the service starts. The technicians will fog all surfaces and areas, or high traffic - work stations, tables, desks, doors, floors, kitchens, toilets, remote controls. 

After the service is done, the home or business can be entered after a minimum of one hour.

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Our process involves cleaning all high contact points such as door handles and light switches with our approved broad spectrum disinfectant. Then, we use our bio-fogging technology to apply disinfectant to all other surfaces which will definitely provide a premium deep cleaning and disinfecting  which is not possible with traditional cleaning services.

The perks of this treatment are; it is perfectly safe for children, adults and pets. Our product also leaves a pleasant floral smell and aura of cleanliness.

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses, including Coronavirus

Safe for Children, Adults and Pets

Ability to disinfect 100% of surfaces

Our solution is approved by the EPA

Entirely safe non-toxic disinfection treatment

Great, mild and pleasant floral scent

Applicable for Residential and Commercial

        Premium Carpet & Floor Cleaning/Restoration  Services

Traditional spray and wipe disinfection services only has the ability to disinfect 35% of surfaces. Trinity Clean uses State of the Art Bio-Fogging Technology which will fit into even the smallest crevices of your home or business. This will ensure every single surface is covered killing viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes of contact.

Trinity Clean uses solutions that are safe, non-toxic that are approved by the EPA. Our solution has been proven to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses including coronavirus.

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